gyoza dumplings on a black slim plate next to soy sauce

Types Of Dumplings

Here at The Dumpling Room, we LOVE dumplings and take pride in spreading the skill of creating these delicious treats through our traveling dumpling classes. Most of the time when people think of dumplings they either think of pot sticker style dumplings or the type of dumplings shown in movies or cartoons. However, there are many variations of how to create dumplings as well as each style of dumpling having their own purpose preferred method of eating. Below is a list of common dumplings styles that you may come across in your everyday life as well as what you could learn at our traveling dumpling classes.

Shui Jiao Dumplings

Shui Jiao styled dumplings in a bowlThese type of dumplings are water-boiled and can be found almost anywhere within Asia. A traditional style dumpling that can be filled with everything from chicken to beef, leeks, lamb, and more. With this being a popular dumpling in Asian cuisine, we make sure that it is one of the featured dumplings to make for our dumpling making school that travels in and around Cambridge and Boston, MA.



Xiao Long Bao Dumplings

xiao long bao dumplings in a dim sum containerXiao Long Bao dumplings originate from Shanghai and have a cute look to them as they look perfectly sculpted to keep the contents inside. This type of dumpling can be primarily seen at dim sum restaurants where you will find an abundance of different fillings. Their primary filling is soup-filled pork that makes for the perfect solution for a cold rainy day as they will warm you right up!


Guo Tie Dumplings

guo tie style dumpling being held by chopstickGuo tie dumplings have become a staple in American restaurants trying to diversify their appetizer menus. You will typically find guo tie dumplings named as pot stickers. These pan-fried dough dumplings are typically filled with ground meat and vegetables and with soy sauce on the side for dipping, you have a great snack to hold you over until dinner.


Wonton Dumplings

wonton soup with wonton dumplingsWonton dumplings are delicious dumplings that are commonly found in the popular soup, wonton soup. In addition to finding these dumplings in soups, you will also find them served a deep friend, in chili oil, or in a clear broth. Like with any type of dumplings you can stuff them with essentially anything you desire, but wonton dumplings are typically filled with ground pork and shrimp, whole shrimp or shrimp paste.


Mandu Dumplings

Mandu dumplings on a plateMandu dumplings originate from Korea and can be served in a variety of ways ranging from steamed, boiled, pan-fried, or deep-fried. With fillings such as ground pork or beef served with a side of kimchi, these delicious dumplings are a great Korean dish to fill you right up! Do you like to turn up the heat on your meals? Pair Mandu dumplings with a mildly spicy sauce for the ultimate taste bud experience.


Gyoza Dumplings

gyoza dumplings on a black slim plate next to soy sauceSimilar to guo tie dumplings, gyoza dumplings are pan-fried potsticker type dumplings that were introduced to Japan during World War II. Filled with pork or a seafood filling, these dumplings are great for dipping in soy sauce for a warm and delicious snack.



Banh Bot Loc Dumplings

Bahn Bot Loc dumplings on a plate with chili fish sauce on the sideKnown as the perfect appetizer to any meal, the Bahn bot loc dumplings are a Vietnamese staple dumpling. These dumplings are typically filled with shrimp and pork belly while being wrapped in tapioca and served with sweet chili fish sauce for an incredible taste combination. The thing to remember with dumplings is that they need to be eaten fresh as they do not have a long shelf life.



If you are interested in learning more about dumplings or would like to create your own dumplings, contact The Dumpling Room to hear about our amazing dumpling-making classes!