Why You Should Try a Corporate Cooking Class

Team building is the most important investment you can make for your people. In a world where attention is primarily focused on making the client happy, businesses often forget about their most valued asset, their employees. Team building not only boosts the morale of employees, but it can also increase the success of any business. It builds trust, alleviates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Effective team building can be adventurous and enjoyable if you get creative. Imagine trying a team-building cooking class? Here are six reasons why your next team-building exercise should be a corporate cooking class:

6 Reasons To Try a Corporate Cooking Class

Inspiring Creativity and Innovation

Innovation is a vital part of any trade or profession. Employees at all levels and roles need a sense of creativity, agency, empowerment, and excitement. Boredom and routine have a way of dragging team morale. When it comes to corporate cooking or dumling-making classes, the focus is on preparing a perfect dish. But then your mind begins to wonder to bring out a competitive, innovative spirit to make your meal more creative. A team-building cooking class provokes out of the box thinking while interacting with co-workers. 


Social Interaction 

When you’re on the job, it can be hard to talk about anything that isn’t work-related. How much do you know about your co-workers? Corporate dumpling classes are so much more than a cooking class. They allow a reason for you to get to know everyone in a more personal way. You get to understand who they are outside their work life. It also allows you to show who you are, more than a colleague. The deeper and meaningful conversations increase your chances of developing a stronger bond and leveraging strengths. The team’s productivity is only going to increase because you all enjoy each other’s accompany.


Learning New Skills

Not everyone cooks or even knows how to cook. A corporate cooking class not only introduces people to new ways of thinking about food and preparing food but demonstrates that cooking is approachable. The way you learned skills in your job will be the same way you learn new skills in the corporate cooking class. Being open to learning new skills in the kitchen, you will also have the same mindset when it comes to your work. At the Dumpling School, our dumpling parties incorporate learning and fun, we don’t teach you how to make dumplings from scratch but we teach how to fold them in different shapes, how to stuff them and more! 


Encouraging Team Work

Working in unity with a team determines how well you perform individually. At some point in everyone’s career, you need the help and input of the other person to excel and improve at your work.

Corporate team building cooking classes address unity head-on. Cooking classes are a collaborative environment. Each staff member is delegated different tasks, but you all work together to create the dish. Not everyone is going to be fond of each other, but you will be required to work together to put out a final product. When you transfer this principle in your workplace, you will learn to tolerate different personalities and work cohesively together. 


Improving Problem Solving Abilities

The cooking process isn’t always easy; it can even be a nightmare. The added pressure that comes from working together, accidents are bound to occur. Many things can go wrong, such as running out of ingredients, injuries, or burnt food.  You need to be able to figure out an effective plan B. Team building is all about “how do we solve the problem together?” Cooking classes encourages logical team thinking for them to later use in the workplace. 


Connecting In-House and External Personnel

More often than not, on-site employees and external workers have not met. In today’s decentralized workspaces, employees can regularly collaborate without meeting in person. Face-to-face is another way to increase trust across team members and departments. Even strangers can bond while preparing a meal together. The new employee encounters will only generate new work collaborations and productivity. 

Cooking together can cook up far more than just good food. Corporate dumpling classes help employees generate new ideas and build stronger bonds with their colleagues. The classes are only going to cook up a great meal while bringing more innovation throughout your organization. Ready to get your team in to make delicious dumplings and other Taiwanese-American food? Contact the Dumpling School today!