3 Reasons Why Team Building Events Help Build Morale

Building morale within a team is a challenging pursuit but is completely worth the effort if done properly. However, if you’ve been working with a team for a while, it can seem that team-building events don’t have much to offer, especially if your team already gets along well. However, there are several benefits of doing these events to help increase morale and they should definitely be implemented if possible. Here are the top three ways that team building events help build morale in any team.

1. Team Building Events Inspire Socialization

Ideally, a team of coworkers collaborates well together while at their job. They should be able to communicate effectively, help when needed, and contribute to an overall feeling of productivity. All of this is simply being part of a team in an efficient workplace. However, socializing is also an important part of being in a working team. It allows team members to get to know one another more as individuals instead of simply coworkers. By working together on non-work-related activities or challenges presented in the team-building exercise or event, employees are able to engage each other on a more personal level while being focused on a task. Studies have even shown that having workplace friends contributes to increased productivity in the workplace. Indeed, when employees look forward to coming into work because they have good relationships with colleagues, they will be much happier and more willing to complete tasks.

2. Team Building Promotes Positivity

Team building events usually involve challenges or competitions. Whether it’s an egg race or a human knot, teams are encouraged to act a little silly, get out of their comfort zone, and enjoy a bit of workplace-encouraged fun. The positive emotions from winning, cheering and celebrating linger on in employees, giving them a bonding experience they can recall and recount together as time goes on. Associating work with pleasant emotions and fun will only help your employees to enjoy being at work even more.

3. Team Building & Dumpling Classes Inspire Creativity!

Oftentimes in team-building activities, employees are put into groups of people with whom they may not have regular contact with at work. Getting out of the box in terms of environment (and people) allows employees to get out of the box mentally as well. People challenge others in different ways, so by entering into a team of entirely new coworkers, your employees will be encouraged to think differently and be creative about how they tackle the activity at hand.

This incited creativity will often carry over into the workplace as well, allowing employees to come up with new solutions to the challenges they face in their work. Not to mention, they will often be more willing to use this creativity to help others that may not be in the same department, since they now have experience working with others. In addition, studies have shown that people are more creative and have a larger imagination when surrounded by people they are comfortable with, and now that they should be more comfortable with a wider range of people at work, that imagination can flow like never before!

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If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity and boost morale in the office, team building events are right for you. You, your employees, and your customers will all benefit from having a happy, healthy workforce, so if you need some guidance to get started, view our dumpling classes, or contact us directly for more information.