Easy Ways To Enjoy Dumplings From Home!

With so many things going on in the world right now, with many restaurants limited to take out, and people still stuck at home, we thought it might be a nice to provide you with some quick and easy tips to enjoy a variety of dumplings from the comfort of your own home! If you are interested in delving into the dumpling making process and want to experiment in the kitchen this quarantine please read on for a list of suggestions and what you can add to your dumplings to make it a truly unique experience! Without Further Ado, let’s begin this impromptu & “digital” dumpling lesson!

First Things First: Boiled Or Steamed?

Ok, so you’ve committed to making dumplings, but now you are faced with an important question, do you boil, or steam your dumplings? Lucky for you this decision ultimately boils down to personal preference. If you prefer crispier / oil cooked dumplings, steamed is going to the best route. Alternative boiled dumplings do not use oil and usually take 4-5 minutes to cook, producing a softer “shell”.

With Health In Mind – If you are trying to make your dumplings as healthy as possible, the cooking aspect does not play as big of a role as the actual ingredients within the dumpling, but boiling your dumplings will help on the health-oriented front.

What Goes Inside My Dumpling?

GREAT QUESTION! Simply put, almost anything can go inside a dumpling. While dumplings originated in Asia, it has been adopted and modified based on different cultural and consumers needs, and let’s not forget innovation! You can find a dumpling for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! In this blog, we will be focusing on 3 traditional ingredients!


Pork dumplings are a classic filling that is relatively easy to put together. All you need to do is mix the ground pork with a few sauces and spices and you’re ready to roll (literally)!


As mentioned above dumplings can be made to take any form, shape, style, and serve almost any pallet. If you a loved one or family member who may have dietary restrictions or simply if someone prefers a vegetarian-based dumpling, dumplings are all-inclusive!  A great filler ingredient for dumplings is Tofu!


When it comes to using beef as a filler for your dumplings, be sure to make a leaner pick when choosing your meat. This is important as it is not only healthier for you in terms of reducing saturated fats, but will also greatly reduce the odds of biting into a fatty dumpling…trust us on this one, it’s not a fun experience.

Add Some Flavor!

Additional flavor can be introduced to your dumplings via various spices, vegetables, and so on. While it is nice to go with a tried and true recipe, have some fun and explore “flavor town” as Guy Fieri might say! If you aren’t feeling so adventurous, here is a recipe from Tasty! Enjoy!

Below is a list of vegetables and spices that can be used to increase the flavor of your dumplings!

  • ginger
  • garlic clove
  • cabbage
  • mushrooms
  • onions
  • carrots
  • Tamari

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