Boosting Company Morale Through Team Events

Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of finding success as a business owner is making sure your employees are happy. Employee morale is one of the most vital parts of maintaining profitable operations. Before we get to how to boost morale at work, let’s talk for a moment about why it’s important in the first place.

Happy Employees are Productive Employees

It should come as no surprise that a person’s mood drastically affects their output. Getting things accomplished is much more difficult if a person is unhappy, dissatisfied, bored, or unmotivated. By fostering an environment that encourages and values positive attitudes (and makes those attitudes easier to have), you’ll be ensuring that your employees are excited to come to work each day and are motivated to do their best.

Team Events

Team Events are an incredible way to boost morale with your work team. Getting together to do something fun outside of the office allows employees to get to know each other (and you) as individuals instead of just cubicle-mates. Some popular choices for team-building events are listed below:

  • Potlucks: A potluck lunch is an easy-to-organize event that won’t require a massive chunk of your budget. You can decide how much food will need to be brought by employees and whether the company will provide a significant component like the main dish or dessert. Turn it into a cookoff or competition to add more entertainment value!
  • Happy Hour: You probably want to avoid hosting a happy hour at the office, but you could consider using a local bar for some after-work drinks. This can be casual and up to the employees to pay for their own drinks, or you can go all out and provide a shuttle service/designated driver and a couple of free drinks. Your company employees will reap the rewards of an immediate morale boost, especially if it’s something they can look forward to each week or month.
  • Organized Activities: One of the best ways to bring people together is by providing a fun activity to be done in teams. Mini-golf, escape rooms, or touch football are all excellent options for bringing your employees together. Professionally organized events are a good way to go here; they’ll do the setup, instructions, and clean up when the activity is over. Plus, the physical activity also serves to de-stress from a long work week!

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If you’re looking for ways to increase productivity and boost morale in the office, team building events are right for you. You, your employees, and your customers will all benefit from having a happy, healthy workforce, so if you need some guidance to get started, view our dumpling classes, or contact us directly for more information.

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