dumplings in a black container

4 Unique Ways To Use Dumplings

When it comes to dumplings, most of the time they are considered their own stand-alone dish. While this is true for the most part, dumplings are versatile treats that can be incorporated into other types of foods. With our dumpling classes, Chef Patty will teach you the proper ways to make delicious dumplings of your own. With your newly acquired dumpling making skills, you can start to incorporate dumplings into different types of food items of your choosing. Below are four different food items that you can enhance with dumplings.

Soups, Stews, & Gravies

Soups and stews are comforting light meals to warm you up during cold weather or when you are sick. The only thing that may be a drawback to eating soups and stews is their lightness in texture in substance as most of it is the broth. To add heartiness to these meals, add homemade dumplings to enhance the overall flavors. What is great about dumplings is that they are very versatile in the sense that they can take on any flavor profile. This is a perfect combination as your dumplings will take on the flavor of any soup or stew you have. If you are looking to add a new layer of flavor and texture to your gravy, dumplings are a great choice. As mentioned above, the dumplings can take on the flavor of your gravy while giving people an added layer of substance within the gravy that you put on any meal of your choosing.


Dumplings do not only need to be used in oriental themed foods or soups but also with Italian dishes. Dumplings are essentially a type of ravioli so any pasta dish that includes ravioli, you can substitute for dumplings. You can stuff your dumplings with your choice of stuffing such as mushrooms, sweet potatoes, cheese, pumpkin, meat, etc. Throw a spin on your traditional Italian dishes by substituting amazing dumplings!

Pot Stickers

When people think of dumplings, the most common food they are associated with is potstickers. Potstickers are dishes with a focus on dumplings with sauces on top. Generally, in most chain restaurants, you will have dumplings with soy sauce as their pot sticker dish. With making homemade potstickers the opportunities are endless on how you can have your pot stickers to come out to be. The great thing about making homemade dumplings is that you can pick the dough, ingredients, and choose how they are cooked to your perfection. In addition to choosing what the dumplings will be filled with, you can experiment with different sauces until you find the combination you have been craving. From vegan potstickers to teriyaki pot stickers, your potential combinations are endless.


While dumplings are traditionally a savory food item, they can be used for special custom dessert options. These scrumptious pockets are perfect for sweet fruits, nuts, or sweetened rice. However, you don’t have to stop there with the fillings! You can incorporate any type of cake stuffing, icing, and so much more. What makes dessert dumplings great is that they don’t just have to be consumed after dinner. Depending on the type of dumplings you make, you can have them for a morning meal or afternoon snack on top of them being consumed as a sweet dessert. From apple dumpling cinnamon rolls to golden syrup dumplings, your taste buds will be in sweet heaven!

If you are interested in learning how to create dumplings of your own so you can start adding dumplings to different food recipes, contact us today!