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Dumplings Found Around the World

Dumplings are prepared all over the world with different indigenous cuisines. People enjoy dumplings in different ways. From stuffed dumplings to plain dumplings, you would be shocked at how many restaurants all over the world have dumplings on their menu list.

Take stuffed dumplings for example. It is a total dish on its own. You get to enjoy the great taste of a packet-filled tastiness wrapped in starchy covering. The plain dumplings are also served side by side with sauce or stew. When properly made, it is very delightful to the taste buds!

Let us take a quick tour around the world to check out how dumplings are commonly made in different countries.

Dumplings in different parts of the world

1. Ukraine

In Ukraine, the dumpling-like cuisine is called varenyky. The varenyky is a dumpling made with wheat by boiling or pan-frying. It is often thick-skinned and popularly served with meat or mashed potato stuffing. It can also be stuffed with cheese and fruits.

You can enjoy the varenyky with sour cream toppings and caramelized onions.

2. Poland

There are two major kinds of dumplings; one is the kluski leniwe, and the other is the uszka.

The Polish kluski leniwe are not made from regular flour dough. The dough is made with cheese for a more sumptuous appeal. There are different kinds of kluski served in Poland. One of the most popular ones is the wheat dumplings that are made by boiling.

The uszka, on the other hand, is a much smaller stuffed dumpling. When served, it is most likely to be loaded with mushrooms or meat.

3. Georgia

The Georgian dumpling-like food is called the khinkali. It is a round dumpling that is stuffed with spiced beef and pork. For extra spice, it is often served with black pepper. It has a top pleating that can be used to pick up the dumpling for sauce dipping, just like the Chinese soup dumplings!

4. Germany

Knödel is a German dumpling cuisine that is made out of bread. It is best made with one-day-old bread. There are two kinds of knödel: the brezelknödel and the kartoffelknoedel.

The brezelknödel is made from pretzels, while the kartoffelknoedel is made with potato.

Another variant of the German dumpling is the kreplach. The kreplach is a stuffed dumpling with beef filling.

5. Italy

No doubt, Italy is the home of exotic food and tasty cuisine. It is also the home to different kinds of dumplings, both stuffed and unstuffed.

Italian stuffed dumplings include ravioli, carmelle, agnolotti, and tortellini. The unstuffed dumplings also include delicacies such as the gnocchi and the gnudi.

6. Hungary

The Hungarian nockerl is a stuffed dumpling that is filled with grated cheese.

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