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Interesting Dumpling Facts!

Dumplings are a dish brought over to the United States from Asia. They have become a staple in many different cultures and cuisines across the world. Here in America, you can enjoy dumplings at restaurants or even get the ingredients to make yourself at home. 

But how much do you really know about these delicious morsels? Keep reading for a few important facts about dumplings that you should know to enjoy them to the fullest extent!

Dumplings are not Made to be Cut

Most dumplings are specially made in a perfect size to fit in your mouth in one bite. Under no circumstance should you cut your dumpling with a fork or knife to eat it in multiple bites. Doing this will cause the flavors packaged inside to fall out. This is especially true for soup dumplings, which have juices inside the outer layer of dough. This dumpling style is meant to be eaten in one bite so you can enjoy the juicy filling. Chop-sticks are the best utensil to use, so the dough is not punctured. 

There are Over 25 Types of Dumplings 

We often associate dumplings with Asian cuisines; however, many other countries have created their own form. Almost every country in the world has a type of dumpling in several different shapes, sizes, and flavors. The variation of dumplings across countries is so extreme that you may not even realize they are all considered a form of dumpling. You can find different kinds in Chinese, Indian, American, Italian, Korean, and many more! 

Dumplings can be Cooked 3 Different Ways 

Dumplings are one of the most versatile foods on the planet! Here are the three most common ways to cook them. 


Steamed dumplings are commonly found in Asian cultures. A wooden steamer is placed over boiling water and covered to trap the steam. Place the raw dumplings on non-stick paper and let them simmer for about 10 minutes. The result is a chewy dough layer surrounding the perfectly cooked filling! 

Pan Fry

This cooking style is great if you want that extra crunch in each bite. All you need is a skillet set to high heat and some vegetable oil. Add water to the pan and let the dumplings cook on the same side until they reach your desired crispiness! 


Boiling your dumpling will achieve a similar result as steaming. Drop the dumplings in boiling water for about 8 minutes until they float to the surface. Boiling is a popular method used by the Italians to create their signature dumpling, gnocchi!

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