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The Difference Between Dumplings from Different Countries

Dumplings are a wonderful meal that has been integrated into so many different countries cuisines. Each country brings its own culture and twists into its dumpling dish. Each of these different styled dumplings is folded, prepared, and filled in different ways. Here are some of the most popular countries’ dumplings.

Chinese Dumpling 

Chinese dumplings are some of the most popular dumpling styles across the world. These dumplings are bit-sized, delicious snacks. These dumplings can be filled with pork, chicken, or veggies. Chinese dumplings are prepared with yummy phyllo dough and either boiled, fried, or steamed. 

Polish Pierogi

A pierogi is a European-styled dumpling. These dumplings are prepared very differently than traditional Chinese dumplings. They can also be savory or sweet with fillings such as potatoes, meat, cheese, or fruits. First, pierogies are boiled and then either baked or fried with butter. Pierogies are often folded into flatter, semi-circles or triangular shapes.

Korean Mandu

These dumplings originated from the Korean cuisine. These dumplings are typically stuffed with a mixture of ginger, onion, minced garlic, tofu, or meat. These dumplings are folded differently from the typical dumplings. Mandu’s are folded similarly to Chinese dumplings but are folded one more time making them more of a circular shape. Often these dumplings are served with a side of kimchi or vinegar for a dipping sauce.

Japanese Dango

The Japanese cuisine has multiple different styles of dumplings. One popular and unique dumpling from the Japanese culture is the Dango. Dangos are sweet dumplings made out of rice flour. These dumplings are made into small balls and put on a skewer. These skewers are drizzled with various sweet sauces.

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