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Improve Employees Morale with A Corporate Dumpling Making Class

It is very important for companies to focus on team building and bonding projects for their employees. One fun and unique idea for companies to do is a cooking class for all their employees to participate in. Cooking classes can build a lot of skills and be a ton of fun at the same time! Here are some of the benefits of attending a corporate cooking class.

Team Work

Cooking takes a lot of preparation, communication, and teamwork to create a delicious final product. Having employees working together to prioritize tasks and assign different jobs will significantly build their communication skills for each other.

Get to Know Each Other

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many jobs have a mix of remote and in-office staff, making it hard for employees to get to know each other and connect. Even if your company is all in-office, your employees still probably don’t know much about each other other than surface-level information. Having a fun and exciting activity that does not focus around your job can help employees get to know each other better and build better connections—having employees who are friends with each other can really improve the environment in your workplace. A friendly work environment can improve morale, team productivity, and effectiveness.

Learn New Skills

Participating in a cooking class, especially a dumpling-making class, will teach employees new skills such as understanding recipes, preparing/measuring ingredients, proper dumpling folding techniques, and a taste of a new cuisine! 

Enjoy Delicious Food

And last but definitely not least, your whole company will be able to enjoy the delicious final product that they all worked on together! Each employee will also be able to leave the class with the knowledge of how to make this new recipe to share it with their family.

Dumpling Making Classes for Corporate Events

If your company is looking for something to do together outside of the workplace, join one of Patty Chen’s Dumpling School’s cooking classes. We offer classes of corporate events at our school or can travel to you! Build communication skills, teamwork, and enjoy delicious dumplings while having a blast. Check out our calendar for classes, or contact us today!

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