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What’s the Deal With Soup Dumplings?

Ever wonder how soup dumplings – also known as xiaolongbao – are able to hold soup on the inside? It is often a mystery to many and some might even say it’s “dumpling magic”. However, the secret to creating soup dumplings really comes down to expert skill and craftsmanship! It can be hard for beginner dumpling chefs to achieve the perfect soup dumpling, although we do show a demo during our dumpling parties!

How Does the Soup Get Inside 

Believe it or not, the secret to creating soup dumplings is gelatin. Think jello! When you make jello from scratch and put it into the fridge what happens? It solidifies! Something similar happens with soup dumplings. A stock made with gelatin is boiled down and refrigerated. Once the gelatin stock is solidified, cut up and divided amongst the dumpling filling. Once the dumplings are filled and formed they are then placed in a steamer basket. Once in the steamer, the gelatin broth liquefies thus creating a “soup”. These dumplings are typically served inside of the steamer basket they are cooked in to avoid breaking them and causing the soup to leak out. It’s not dumpling magic, after all, just a little food science! 

How To Eat Soup Dumplings 

Unlike when you eat regular dumplings, if you take a bite into a soup dumpling you risk getting hot soup all over you potentially burning yourself and you also don’t get to enjoy the delicious soup. The best way to eat a soup dumpling is to carefully transfer it onto a spoon and take a bite of the side of the dumpling. Doing this allows you to slurp up as much of the soup as possible while avoiding spills and injuries. Once the soup is swallowed feel free to eat the dumpling in one bite! 

Book a Dumpling Party at The Dumpling School! 

Book a party with us to learn more about the different types of dumplings and get some hands-on experience making them for yourself. Nothing tastes better than fresh handmade dumplings. Come join us for a fun party with friends and family guaranteed to leave your heart and belly happy!

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