4 Common Dumpling Fillings

The food that can be found all around the world, dumplings!  Dumplings have been around and used in cousines for years.  With each culture having their own spin on how they prep and cook the dumplings as they come in many different shapes and sizes.  First lets go over what a dumpling is before going over all the different shapes and sizes they come in.  


What Is a Dumpling

A dumpling is a mass of dough that is either boiled, fried, or steamed. Sometimes the dough will be rolled out so it can be filled after.  The definition of a dumpling leaves room for disagreement over what is the best way to prepare and cook dumplings.  Even in China, the birthplace of the dumpling there are many variations of the dumpling that there is no one word to describe them.  There are different ways to cook and even fill dumplings that make each way unique in their own way.  

3 ways dumplings are cooked

There are three ways that dumplings can be cooked.  They can either be steamed, pan fried, or boiled. Here is a breakdown of each way you can cook your next batch of dumplings. 

  1.   One of the more common ways dumplings are cooked is steaming them.  Steaming dumplings are not only one of the healthier options, but they are also delicious.  The outer wrap comes off as firm but offers a bit of chewy texture. This option also presents a benefit of getting more taste out of the filling.  
  2. Pan frying brings an unforgettable crisp that everyone loves.  With this method there is no doubt the outer wrap provides that wonderful crisp with every bite.  The best course of action is using a non-stick pan and vegetable oil.  Make sure that they are cooked on medium steadily till cooked through.  
  3. The last option of cooking your dumplings is boiling. This method is ideal when time is a factor and you need to make a big batch of dumplings at once. Similar to cooking spaghetti you want to stir frequently so that the dumplings do not stick to the bottom or sides of the pot.  Depending on the amount of dumplings there are, it normally only takes 6-8 minutes to fully cook the dumplings.  

4 Common Dumpling Fillings

What separates dumplings from each other is often their fillings and the culture they are prepared in.  There are many different ways you can go about filling your dumplings from meat, vegetables, and even seafood.  Vegetables often play a catalyst as they are traditionally mixed in with different meats or stand alone.  There are four common types of fillings that are often stuffed inside dumplings.  

  1. Soup dumplings, which contain broth that’s solid at room temperature and will turn to liquid when steamed.  
  2. Minced meat and/ or vegetable
  3. Sweet fillings, like fruits, nuts, or even sweetened cheese.  
  4. No filling at all (gnocchi, or knodel)

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