American Style Dumplings

Dumplings have been around for years.  They differ in size, preparation, and ingredients depending on where you find yourself.  In North America dumplings are prepared in their own unique way.  Check out some of the ways Americans have been preparing dumplings over the years! 

Boova Shenkel 

Boova Shenkel is  an American traditional dish that originates from Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine.  Inside the dish you will find beef stew, potato dumplings that are usually giant in size.  Some of the ingredient list consists of beef, eggs, potatoes, flour, parsley, lard, onions, butter, cubed bread, milk, peper, and salt.  What makes the preparation of the dumplings is that they are boiled in the beef broth, then later pan fried with butter.  The final product will feature a topping of beef gravy or brown butter sauce.  

Slippery Dumplings

The slippery dumpling is an American dish that originated from Delaware.  The dish consists of baked chicken that is served with slippery dumplings on the side.  The dumplings are prepared by being rolled, then cut into squares.  They then are cooked into chicken broth which results in the dumpling being slippery.  While the dish is boiling and being cooked a rich soupy chicken gravy develops.  Slippery dumpling dishes are often featured with succotash or green beans on the side.  

Pittsburgh Pierogies

Originating in the Pennsylvania region the pierogies have been a staple in the city of Pittsburgh and all over western Pennsylvania.  Pierogies are soft semicircular dumplings that are usually filled with potatoes or cheese. However, just like other dumplings, fillings are interchangeable depending on culture.   The boom of pierogies happened due to how accessible and easy to carry and store.  

Apple Dumpling

This one brings a twist to the dumpling world as it offers a sweet taste.  The apple dumpling is a dessert dumpling that contains apples, butter, sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes even raisins.  The dumpling is baked until it develops a tender texture just how a pie crust would be baked.  To add to the dish it is often served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side.  These are most commonly found in the Pennsylvania region.  

Crab Rangoon 

If you are a fan of American Chinese food then I am sure you have tried or at least heard of crab rangoons.  They are an American-Chinese dish that consists of deep fried dumplings that offer crab meat , garlic, scallions, and cream cheese.  It is noted that the first crab rangoon was served in either Oakland or San Francisco.  Regardless of the origin these dumplings can be found in many Chinese restaurants all across the United States. 

Chicken and Dumplings 

Chicken and dumplings is an American dish that offers water cooked chicken and dumplings made from flour.  The dumplings are often cooked in the leftover chicken broth from the already prepared chicken.  The dish made its debut during The Great Depression as a way to stretch out a small ration of food over more time.    

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