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4 Ways to Fold a Chinese Dumpling

Do you love to eat dumplings? If you said yes, then you may be wanting to cook your own dumplings at home.  A crucial part of making your own dumplings is knowing how to fold them.  In this post we are going to walk you through the four step process of how to fold your own dumplings.  



When it comes to folding your dumplings there are many methods that are taught or passed down.  No matter the method that you use they all start with the same first two steps.  When you are ready to start preparing to fold your dumplings you are going to want to dip your fingers in a bit of fresh water and moisten the outer edges of half the dumpling wrapper.  Next, you will want to place your filling in the middle.  

The Half Moon 

The name speaks for itself.  This technique consists of you simply folding the dumpling in half.  This is a great technique for beginners that are looking to fold their own dumplings.  This process is quick and easy making it a great tool to utilize when you need to make a lot of dumplings at once.  Here is how it is done: 

  1. Fold the wrapper in half
  2. Thoroughly press the edges together for an airtight seal.( TIP: Keep a damp towel under your dumplings so they do not dry out)
  3. Use the palm of your hands to flatten the bottom of the dumpling 

Once you have completed steps one through three you are all done and ready to cook!

The 2-Pleat

This method is good for someone that is ready to try their hands at beginner pleating.  This technique can really up the appearance of your dumplings.  It involves just two pleats and still requires simple folds.  Lets walk through it: 

  1. Fold the dumpling wrapper in half while pinching it together at the meeting point at the top.
  2. Take the side of the wrapper facing away from you, and fold one side of it towards the middle.  
  3. Repeat the same thing to the other side.  
  4. Lastly, press and seal to make sure it is airtight. 

Once you have made those simple folds and pressed the dumpling you are ready to cook! 


The One Direction Pleat 

The basics of this technique is that you are going to make several equally spaced pleats that all flow in the same direction.  Once you get better at this technique you can step it up by adding more and more pleats into your dumplings! Lets get started, remember to have your dumpling moistened with filling in the middle.  

  1. Pinch the dumpling wrapper together at one of the bottom corners.  
  2. Take the side of the dumpling wrapper that is facing away from you and pleat it towards the corner you have already sealed.  
  3. Continue to pleat in that same direction.  
  4. Once you reach the other end seal the dumpling fully making sure it is airtight.  (TIP: add some water to make sure the pleats stay closed)

The Bi-Directional Pleat

Sharing a similar look with the one directional pleat technique, but offers more elegance.  The basic of the technique is that the pleats are folded inwards towards the middle of the dumpling. This meaning that the folds are going into two directions.  The best way to do this is to have is to have two pleats on both sides, so four total pleats.  Here are the steps of what it would look like: 

  1. Start by folding the dumpling in half and pinching the wrapper together at the meeting point at the top.  
  2. On each side of the dumpling, make two pleats starting with the inside.
  3. Then you want to make another two pleats on the outer corners of the dumpling, again towards the middle.  
  4. Make sure that all seams are sealed!

Then you are done and ready to go! There you go four techniques on how to fold your dumplings.  For all different types of experiences too.  Now you can enjoy dumplings in your own home in style! 

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