National Dumpling Day

Did you know there was a National Dumpling Day?  Well, news flash there is!  September 26th is declared National Dumpling Day.  With the popularity of dumplings growing all the time, the day offers a great way to celebrate.  Whether enjoyed as an appetizer or the main course, each morsel satisfies.  

Dumplings offer so much variety and flavor.  They create a beautiful accompaniment to any means, too.  The endless possibilities of shape and taste make dumplings a favorite dish around the world.    

Dumplings consist of small pieces of dough.  Generally, but not always, the dough is wrapped around a filling.   Both flavor and cooking methods factor into the wide variety of dumplings available too.  The dough may be composed of flour, potatoes, or bread.  The fillings come in many forms meat, fish, and even vegetables.  Dumplings can be cooked in many different ways too.  Some of the methods include oiling, steaming, simmering, and even frying.  While dumplings are often eaten on their own, they are a delicious addition to soup and stews, too.  

How to Observe National Dumpling Day

Cook!  Serve up some of your favorite dumplings and serve them as a whole meal.  Start with appetizers and follow them with a soup course.  Then serve a main course, even wrap it up with dessert.  It is recommended to open yourself up to other dumpling choices too, there are so many cultures and varieties!

Other Ways to Celebrate

  • Invite your friends to your favorite restaurant and order a variety of dumplings to share. 
  • Experiment at home.  Try recipes or break the mold by adding your own flair.
  • Add dumplings to the soup
  • Share your favorite recipe 

If you or your friends are looking for a fun and delicious experience whether you are celebrating another Friday or National Dumpling Day The Dumpling School is here to celebrate with you!

Come Party With Us At The Dumpling School!

No matter if it is National Dumpling Day or if you have just had a long week at work, we have you covered.  At our dumpling parties, you can forget everything that does not include fun, delicious food, and jokes!  At our parties, we like to keep our audience engaged by letting you roll, fold, and even cook your own dumplings.  Contact us directly at 617-901-5159 or by filling out a contact form on our website for more information!

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