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Answering FAQ’s About Taiwanese-American Dumplings

Here at Patty Chen’s Dumpling School – or simply “The Dumpling School” – we have been about all things related to Taiwanese-American dumplings. Not only do we love them ourselves, but we offer weekly classes and even private events where we teach you how to master the art of dumpling-making. While these dumplings are a truly unique food beloved by many all over the world, you may be unfamiliar with them and want to learn more. It’s for this reason that, in today’s blog, we’ll be answering frequently asked questions (also known as FAQs) about Taiwanese-American dumplings, such as the ones that we happily make here! If that sounds interesting, keep reading below, or see our calendar of weekly events here at The Dumpling School!

Q: What are the origins of Taiwanese-American dumplings?

A: It is believed that recipes for traditional dumplings date back more than 1,800 years ago. While they are known to have originated from Chinese culture, the Taiwanese created their own unique and delicious interpretations of dumplings. When Taiwanese immigrants came to America, they would bring the great taste of dumplings with them, prompting them to become a staple dish that is beloved by many, including us at Patty Chen’s Dumpling School!

Q: What filling goes into them?

A: While there is plenty of freedom of choice as to what filling goes into dumplings, they are traditionally made with a mixture of ground meat, including pork, chicken, and/or beef. Following the rise of vegetarianism in society, it is not uncommon to see fillings made from vegetables such as cabbage. This open-ended question represents what we love so much about dumplings – they are very customizable to your own tastes and preferences!

Q: What are dumplings made from?

A: Excluding the filling, Taiwanese-American dumplings are usually made from two simple ingredients: wheat flour and water. This formula makes for a wrapper that will complement virtually any filling that you choose to stuff it with.

Ready to Make Dumplings With Us? Check our Calendar!

Patty Chen’s Dumpling School offers dumpling classes and even private events in the greater Boston area. Interested in joining a class? Or better yet, want us to bring our class to you? Check out our calendar for events or contact us with your information for a private event. We look forward to providing you with a fun and educational experience you won’t soon forget! Give us a call at (617) 901-5159 for more.

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