Reasons to Join our Dumpling Parties & Classes

Here at Patty Chen’s Dumpling School, as our name would suggest, we are all about dumplings! More specifically, we specialize in hosting classes and events that center around the art of dumpling-making. Not only do we offer public classes, but we also offer private events, which are perfect for corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and virtually any other group occasion that you have. We believe that there are many reasons why our dumpling events – private or public – are a great idea for you, your friends, and your family to join! To learn more, simply keep reading below, or to reserve any of our classes, book your spot today! To learn more about private dumpling events, where we travel to you, submit your information to us or call (617) 901-5159 to speak with a member of our team.

They’re Educational

Hence why we call them dumpling “classes”, our events incorporate learning into them – in a fun way, of course. When you join any of our events – whether private or public – you will certainly have gained knowledge on how to make delicious Taiwanese-American dumplings. The best part about it is that you don’t need to be a culinary expert by any means, as our team will teach you how to make dumplings regardless of your skill level. All you need to bring is yourself and a willingness to learn how delicious Taiwanese-American dumplings!

They’re Great Social Events

What’s better than making dumplings? Making dumplings with your friends, of course! Our events at Patty Chen’s Dumpling School offer a unique social dynamic that is hard to replicate elsewhere, even in other culinary experiences, as we take an effort to ensure that everybody has a fun time and that they enjoy the art of dumpling-making. This makes our events a superb choice for your next company outing, bachelor party, birthday party, etc. Though our classes center around learning how to make dumplings, we love to see the bonds that have been made!

Book a Public or Private Event With The Dumpling School!

Patty Chen’s Dumpling School is located at 85 Windsor Street Cambridge, MA 02139. We host public and private parties on a regular basis which teach you and your group how to make dumplings in a fun and memorable way! Interested in reserving a spot – or having us come to your private event? Simply book any of our public classes through our website or submit your information to us through email or phone. Call us at (617) 901-5159 or email for more information!

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