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Different Types of Taiwanese-American Dumplings

Here at Patty Chen’s Dumpling School, we are all about Taiwanese-American dumplings, as exhibited in our public and private dumpling classes, where we teach you how to make delicious dumplings in a fun group environment. Perhaps one of our favorite things about dumplings, however, is that they are highly customizable and can come in many distinct forms and iterations. In today’s blog, we’ll be taking a look at popular and different types of Taiwanese-American dumplings. Interested in learning more? Keep on reading below! Or, if you’re looking to experience the fun of making dumplings, join us at Patty Chen’s Dumpling School for any of our dumpling events.

Guo Tie (Also Known as ‘Pot Stickers’)

When you think of the word ‘dumplings’, the image of Guo Tie, also known as ‘pot stickers’, may just come to mind. This is because Guo Tie is perhaps the most widely beloved and enjoyed type of dumpling across the globe. A savory treat, Guo Tie will almost always have a filling of meat followed by various seasonings and vegetables. Some common fillings of potstickers include (but are not limited to) chicken, pork, ginger, scallions/green onions, cabbage, and many others. Available at countless Asian-inspired eateries here in America, potstickers are a staple of Taiwanese-American cuisine, and for good reason, as they are easy to enjoy!

Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings)

Crafted in a different way than Guo Tie/potstickers, Xiao Long Bao are beloved in Taiwanese-American culture for their tasty filling that combines minced meat and broth. With one bite, you’ll understand why these dumplings are so popular, as they are so much fun to eat. Xiao Long Bao are usually filled with pork and other delicious seasonings. The various textures at play in Xiao Long Bao make it an intriguing and enjoyable dumpling that you won’t want to miss out on.

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Patty Chen’s Dumpling School is located in Cambridge, MA, and offers weekly dumpling events in addition to private ones that we can bring to you! Interested in joining one of our public classes? Reserve your spot through our website. Or, if you’re interested in hosting a private dumpling event, get in touch with our friendly team by calling (617) 901-5159 or by sending your information to We hope to be teaching you how to make dumplings soon – whether here at our Cambridge location or at your private event!

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