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How To Host a Dumpling-Themed Birthday Party

If you can’t make it to the Dumpling School for your birthday, the next best thing is to have your very own dumpling-themed party at your house! There are so many ways to take this event to a whole new level, but we’ll give you some of the party-planning basics so you can come up with personalized elements yourself!

Send out the perfect invitations

Nothing gets your guests more excited for a party than a well-made invitation. There are multiple avenues for creating custom invitations. You can go the digital route and send invitations via text message or email. Websites like Paperless Post or Evite offer invitation making templates that allow for simple crafting. If you’re setting up a party for your child, this is the perfect opportunity to let them get creative and help you choose the ideal elements for the invitations. You can also craft your own template on Canva and print out the invitations yourself.

Create a dumpling making station

This is the most important part of your party! Your dumpling making station should have all the essentials: pre-made dough, flour, fillings, spoons, rolling pins, a small cup of water, placemat, damp and dry towels, and cutting boards. From here, you can place instruction cards so your guests can make the perfect shapes and styles at their own pace, or you can assign someone to lead the dumpling making. One person can also be in charge of cooking the dumplings as you go along so you can snack on treats while you work.

Make custom t-shirts

Commemorate the day by giving everyone t-shirts to wear during the event! You can have iron-on designs created, along with purchasing a collection of different colored t-shirts to make the attire yourself. You can also reach out to t-shirt making companies so you don’t have to tackle any of the work. Leave one t-shirt available for everyone to sign at the end of the party to act as a fun guest book.

Play dumpling-related games

Keep the energy high at your party by offering games! Purchase custom cornhole bean bags with dumpling appliques. Have a speed-dumpling making contest, where the award goes to the person who makes the most intact dumplings within two minutes. There are a variety of dumpling-themed board games out there too, such as Steam Up, which works for up to 5 players. For children, you can offer an activity sheet with animated dumpling characters that the kids can color and design.

Offer dumpling party favors!

Send your guests on their way with a parting gift they’ll love. Create jars of your special dumpling filling, along with recipe cards so your guests can make their own dumplings at home. Give them mini dim sum steamers, which can be used both functionally and for decoration. Offer cute dumpling plushies they can take home and cuddle with. The possibilities are truly endless, so have fun with your selection!

Visit us at the Dumpling School!

Chef Marc and Patty are always excited to host guests during the week at the esteemed Dumpling School. You’ll learn everything you need to know about dumpling making, from dough making, to constructing the perfect shapes, and more. To join a dumpling party in Cambridge, MA, check out the event schedule and book your spot at the yummiest event in the Boston area!

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