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The Best Meat Alternative Options for Dumplings

There are so many delicious fillings you can choose when making dumplings, especially when incorporating meat products like pork, beef, and chicken. For some people, adding meat to the mix isn’t possible. However, this doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on the protein or the flavor when making your dumplings. Below we’ve listed some of the best meat replacement options so you can still achieve the same texture without consuming animal products.

Impossible Ground Pork

Impossible brand meats have become wildly popular in the past ten years. The plant-based “meat” products have a similar taste to real meat, and they also have the same appearance and texture as well. These products are made of a combination of soy and potatoes for protein, along with the molecule heme, which gives the faux pork its meat-like taste. You can use this when making a traditional pork dumpling filling. 


Jackfruit garners split opinions – people either love it or hate it! You can either choose yellow or green jackfruit depending on how you’d like to prepare it. Green jackfruit is best for achieving a meat-like texture. If you’re looking to make short rib dumplings without the beef, jackfruit is the way to go. You can marinate the jackfruit in whatever spices and sauces you choose and let it simmer for about 20 minutes to absorb all the flavors.


Some mushrooms have a delightful meaty bite, making them the perfect meat replacement option for your dumplings. You may have seen folks create portobello mushroom steaks before. This is because portobellos can develop an incredible sear and have rich, deep flavor. Marinating portobello mushrooms can infuse them with a much more complex flavor, so don’t forget to do this before creating your dumpling filling!


Seitan is a high-protein option made from vital wheat gluten. This vegan option has roots in Buddhist history, as it was discovered by monks to promote a vegetarian lifestyle. You can adjust the texture of seitan to your liking – firmer for a more intense bite, or softer for a melt-in-your-mouth chew. If you want seitan to replace ground meat in a dumpling recipe, simply add it to a food processor or blender before cooking.

Black Beans

Black beans have a ton of nutritional benefits, including high fiber, vitamin b6, and potassium content. Since black beans have a soft bite, they work well for dumplings. You can add a meatier flavor by adding soy sauce, liquid smoke, or other earthier flavors to mimic the flavor of cooked meat. When combined with mushroom, onions, and garlic, black beans offer the ideal filling for your next batch of savory dumplings.

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