Running Corporate Events for Large Parties

You and the rest of your company work hard, and you deserve some time to connect with each other while engaging in a fun bonding activity. This can be difficult to organize at larger companies, but when choosing the Dumpling School for your next corporate event, we’re more than happy to figure out a solution for you. Below you’ll find all the information you need to host your next corporate event at the Dumpling School!

What to Know About Large Parties

At our Cambridge location, we’re happy to host events for up to 16 people at a time. If you have a location you’d like us to travel to, we can perform a walk through of the space to ensure we have plenty of room to safely prepare and cook the dumplings while providing unmatched entertainment for our guests. At these private events, you can choose between chicken, pork, and vegan dumpling fillings. Keep in mind we cannot make individual filling substitutions, so check in with your group before confirming your event.

At our dumpling parties, the goal is not to learn a new skill, but to engage in a creative activity that allows you to connect with your colleagues, de-stress, and enjoy an array of delicious dumplings, drinks, and other appetizers at the renowned Windsor Inn. If this sounds like the ideal event for you and your team, book your private event today!

Since we are only able to accommodate parties up to 16 people, there are a couple ways we can address this so everyone at your company can take part in this extra-fun outing.

Running Events on Different Days

One option to consider is running a series of dumpling parties on multiple days. We’re happy to help you book events throughout the week for your team. You can also book events for different weeks as well, allowing your team plenty of time to consider which event date works for them and to organize their workload accordingly. This is a fantastic option for multiple departments within your company to experience a bonding event without interrupting the daily operations of your business. Consider creating flyers or sign up sheets for the event to generate excitement and interest!

Hosting Back-to-Back Events

At the Dumpling School, we are also available for back-to-back events. This means we can host  one event for your company in the early afternoon and then immediately keep the good vibes going with a different group! Or, we are happy to host one group in the early afternoon and then another group in the evening. For more information about available time slots for dumpling parties, connect with Chef Marco directly at (617) 901-5159.

Join Us at The Dumpling School This Month

Are you ready to have a fun, delicious time with your peers while receiving top notch entertainment from Chef Marco and Patty Chen? Connect with our team at the Dumpling School today!

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