Reasons to Join our Dumpling Parties & Classes

Here at Patty Chen’s Dumpling School, as our name would suggest, we are all about dumplings! More specifically, we specialize in hosting classes and events that center around the art of dumpling-making. Not only do we offer public classes, but we also offer private events, which are perfect for corporate events, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and virtually …

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Are Dumplings Healthy

Dumplings are the staple food that is present all around Asia.  Each country has their own way of cooking their dumplings.  Creating a wide variety of dumplings with different flavors and styles. Even though dumplings are very tasty, are they healthy?  Dumplings are usually very healthy to eat.  They offer a wide variety of ingredients …

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American Style Dumplings

Dumplings have been around for years.  They differ in size, preparation, and ingredients depending on where you find yourself.  In North America dumplings are prepared in their own unique way.  Check out some of the ways Americans have been preparing dumplings over the years!  Boova Shenkel  Boova Shenkel is  an American traditional dish that originates …

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