Chelsea, MA

Chelsea is found in the heart of Suffolk County, Massachusetts.  Chelsea is a city that resides across the Mystic River from Boston.  Chelsea is a diverse city with a population of 40,000 residents.  Chelsea is known to be Massachusetts’ smallest city with just 2.46 square miles. The cuisine in Chelsea is diverse in the wide variety that is offered throughout the city.  

Types of Dumplings 

Our dumpling making parties are fun and engaging for you and everyone involved! Making dumplings is a fun experience that can be done by anyone that is old enough to use a stove.   From a family night out to a small group outing that can be a perfect date night or any occasion! We’ll go through the dumpling making process step by step with all of our students to ensure that all members know how to properly execute each phase of the dumpling-making process! We create an experience that will leave you satisfied with new skills, a full stomach, and tangible knowledge that can be replicated with family, and friends! Each of the classes offered can have vegetarian or vegan options so everyone can enjoy the dumplings. Learn more about our class offerings below. 

Traveling Dumpling School in Charlestown, MA

The Dumpling School also has a traveling school of individuals who can’t travel to us or want to host a dumpling-making class at their own residences, venue, or office. Our talented chefs will bring all the ingredients and tools to make a successful dumpling making class anywhere! If you are interested in hosting a dumpling making class at a special location, please contact us with the details and dates by filling out an online contact form. 

Contact The Dumpling School For Team Building Events & Group Classes Near Charlestown, MA!

If you are interested in learning how to make unique and special Taiwanese inspired dumpling dishes, contact The Dumpling School for more information on classes and events! We can work with small or large groups to create a truly memorable experience. Come join us in the dumpling making fun!