Dumpling Parties in Brookline, MA

Brookline, MA is a town located in Norfolk County and is only a quick 25-minute drive away from our Cambridge location. We are proud to welcome the residents of Brookline to the Dumpling School! Are you interested in getting out of your comfort zone and learning a new skill? If so, come on by the dumpling school! We host birthday parties, bachelorette parties, corporate events, and more. We have been hosting dumpling parties since 2013 and have hosted over 1,200 parties! Each class is run by Chef Patty and Chef Marco, who are trained and skilled in the art of crafting dumplings as well as other Taiwanese-American dishes. The students of the dumpling school will get incredible hands-on training on how to properly roll, fill, fold, shape, and cook dumplings. Each chef will assist students to step by step to ensure they know how to properly execute each phase.

Types of Dumpling Parties, near Brookline 

What makes the Dumpling School dumpling-making classes so great is that we are all about fun living by the “the more the merrier” mantra. Our parties are perfect for outings with friends, family, and colleagues. If you are looking for an exciting new activity to do in the city then be sure to contact the Dumpling School and inquire about our group dumpling parties. By taking one of our classes, you will learn a skill that not only will be with you for the rest of your life but a skill that is fun to partake in. Giving you a new and exciting treat to bring to future gatherings and events. In addition to learning a skill, our classes are a fun getaway from normal everyday life. Residents of Brookline can sign up for public or private parties.  If you attend a private party you can pick two custom flavors for the class such as chicken, veggie, pork & ginger, or vegan. We also have corporate parties, which is an excellent way for a company to build employee morale and bring everyone together while learning a unique skill.

Traveling Parties to Brookline, MA

If you are unable to attend a party in person you’re in luck because we can bring the party to you! Our trained chefs are prepared to bring all their tools and ingredients to bring the dumpling party to you. If you are interested in booking a private traveling dumpling party please check out our booking site. We look forward to having fun with you and your guests at your dumpling party! All we ask is that participants come with an eager mind and empty bellies! 

Contact the Dumpling School 

Interested in dumpling-making classes near Brookline, MA? We are honored to have guests from Brookline attend a party at the Dumpling School! Contact the Dumpling School today to sign up for our dumpling party at our Cambridge location or book a traveling party and let us bring the fun to you!