Dumpling Classes in Winchester, MA

Patty Chen’s Dumpling School specializes in private and public dumpling classes! We offer public events here at our Cambridge location regularly, and travel all throughout the greater Boston area for your very own private event! We are happy to travel to Winchester, MA, to make your next private event educational, tasty, and most importantly of all – fun! With years of experience teaching the art of making dumplings, our team can be trusted to be the perfect choice for your next corporate outing, bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, and more! To learn more information, simply call (617) 901-5159 or submit a contact form with your information. Also, keep reading below for more on what we offer!

Dumpling Events in Winchester, MA

Here at Patty Chen’s Dumpling School, we don’t just offer any ordinary culinary classes. Instead, we offer our own signature dumpling parties that are truly ‘parties’ in every sense of the word. We make the learning process fun, teaching you and your friends how to make outstanding Taiwanese-American dumplings. In case you haven’t already noticed, we are all about dumplings, and want to share our love of them with you and your group! Our past guests have had great things to say about our events, so why not sign up for one today? You’ll be glad that you did!
Our events:

Group Dumpling Parties in Winchester, MA

We believe that the joy of dumpling-making is meant to be shared, which is why we specialize in group dumpling parties here at Patty Chen’s Dumpling School. By the end of the event, you’ll not only have had a great time, but also learned a thing or two about making dumplings. A great outing for you and friends, any of our dumpling classes are guaranteed to be fun, educational, and delicious. Look into the dumpling classes that we host here at our Cambridge location, or learn more about our private dumpling events below! 

Private Dumpling Events in Winchester, MA

If you’re based in Winchester and are looking for a unique and memorable event, our private dumpling classes are a great place to start! As long as you have the appropriate facilities, we are happy to travel to your location in Winchester, MA, providing an awesome culinary experience that you and your group won’t soon forget. Our private events are a no-brainer for corporate outings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more! Whatever the occasion may be, you can rely on Patty Chen’s Dumpling School to host an event that is truly fun and delicious for everyone involved! To learn more information, just give us a call or submit your information to us via email. We hope to visit you in Winchester soon!

We Offers Team Events & Group Classes in Winchester, MA!

Patty Chen’s Dumpling School offers unique dumpling classes for both public and private settings. Book with us today!