Dumpling Classes Near Waltham, MA

In need of something new to do with family, friends, your company, or your date in the city? Change things up by signing up for a dumpling-making class at The Dumpling School in Waltham, MA. The dumpling classes at The Dumpling School are a great way for you and anyone you come with to learn a new skill while having a blast in the learning process. Since 2013, The Dumpling School has been creating a new team-building experience while sharing their knowledge of how to craft delicious dumplings that are great to bring to any event or pot luck. What makes our classes different than others is that we host both residents of Waltham, MA as well as businesses looking for a new way to team-build. The classes are run by our chefs, Chef Patty and Chef Marco that have years of experience in the art of dumpling-making as well as other American dishes. Our students will get a hands-on experience on how to properly make different types of dumplings as well as Taiwanese-American dishes that are planned for the class. Our master chefs go through the whole process with our steps to make sure that every phase is executed perfectly. We take pride in transforming our students into dumpling warriors and being accepted into our dumpling family!

Group Dumpling Classes in Waltham, MA

\What makes The Dumpling School dumpling classes special is that not only do we accept individuals to sign up but we specialize in group classes and team-building. As mentioned before we proudly accept both residents and businesses of Waltham, MA so if you have a group of friends or family ready to learn a new cooking skill, then sign up today! Team-building is critical to a business’s long-term success and we value this, which is why we offer our team-building dumpling classes in Waltham, MA. Your team will not only learn a new skill that they can bring home to their own homes but also will be emerged in a team-building experience where they will help each other craft these amazing snacks. Our classes are also a perfect destination for any type of group outing or celebration you can think of. Residents and businesses of Waltham, MA can contact us today and choose from the following types of dumpling classes offered at the Dumpling School:

Interested in embarking on a new activity to do with friends, family, or colleagues in the Waltham, MA area? Reach out to The Dumpling School today to register for our classes.