Dumpling Classes Near Watertown, MA

Trying to switch things up with your after work and weekend activities this fall? Learn a new skill while having fun with your close friends and family by taking a dumpling class at The Dumpling School in Watertown, MA. When attending one of our incredible dumpling-making classes you will learn cooking skills from our master chefs, Chef Patty and Chef Marco. Both have years of experience cooking different styles of dumplings as well as using different fillings for the dumplings. They also are very knowledgable in different kinds of Taiwanese-American dishes. During our classes, our students will get a hands on experience learning each step of the dumpling process so that each dumpling is made to perfection and tastes amazing! To help make the cooking class experience one of a kind, we partner with Cozy Meal and Selfup to help make you feel like a professional chef during our classes with the proper cooking attire.

Group Dumpling Classes in Watertown, MA

We take pride in making sure our dumpling classes in Watertown are perfect for any type of group outing. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, date night, going out with friends or having a corporate bonding session our classes are the places to be! While you make your dumplings, you will be immersed in the ways of Taiwanese-American cooking that you can enjoy with your closest friends. Need to come up with a unique date night activity to secure that second date? Take your lucky one to a dumpling class where fun and learning are rolled into one! Here at the Dumpling School, we have multiple options for group classes such as:

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