Our Student Testimonials

Went here at part of a 13 person work outing. Patty and Marc welcomed us with open arms, and you can tell how much they live food, cooking, and especially DUMPLINGS. They have a very personal approach to group teaching which is very personal and informative. We had a great time laughing, assembling and eating dumplings. Would definitely recommend for small corporate outings which are much more interesting than your basic bowling/paint/movie company outing.
Adam Dziki
Delicious! Got a wide selection of dumplings, and I liked each one more than the last! Plus, service was very quick. I had ordered my food for delivery and it was there in no time! The food is a little pricey but honestly, I think the quality of this food was worth it. I 100% would get food from here again. I also feel I should note that the sauces just pulled the whole thing together too. It honestly made my Friday night a perfect night in 🙂
Caroline Martin
Amazing dumplings. The Ramen was OK – excellent noodles, with Beijing dumplings, but I wasn’t a fan of the broth. My friends liked it in the Bruce Lee special, but a chicken broth with ginger doesn’t really pair well with Ramen or pork dumplings. It was also a very thin broth. Just not my thing. I would definitively go back, but just get dumplings instead – which are varied and are all spectacular.
Michael Browne
Yummy chinese dumplings, surprisingly authentic. Quickly made and polite service. Good people watching from the windows. Love this place.
Rez Zyzu
Creative dumplings. Small shop but if you go during off hours it is very pleasant. Although you can get slightly better dumplings elsewhere, count your blessings that you have a dedicated dumpling shop nearby when you need it.
Mark Easley
It’s a worth-of-visiting spot! They offer a lot of different types of dumplings, from pan-fried to boiled, from seafood to vegetarian. If you are not a fan of traditional dumplings, they also have some creative flavors, like kimchi. I tried kimchi goyte, xiao long bao, crab ragoon, and curry bowl. (not at once, of course! haha) Curry bowl is my top favorite, not only that you can have everything in one bowl (there were 4 dumplings, bok choy, bean sprout, an egg, and the curry) but also the curry tastes like the one that I had in my hometown! I’m so happy that now I know what I can do to cure my homesickness 😀
Madeline Liou
Food here is BOSS. Full disclosure: came here for a free event but seriously, everything was TASTY. My favorite were the scallion donuts. Basically a scallion pancake dumpling hybrid. We tried so many things from dumplings to baos to ramen and they were doughy, flavorful, and the dipping sauce was great too. I didn’t come here for a class but I absolutely love that idea, especially for a unique date night! I’ve never heard of something like that before, it sounds super cool. The only thing is that this place is pretty small so take that in consideration before coming. Go at an off hour or make a reservation (if they do reservations?)
Marissa H.
Really excellent variety of dumplings. More selection than just about any other spot in Boston. Dumplings are divided into three sections: boiled, baked and pan fried. Bruce Lee pork bao are unusual in the sense that the broth is inside a sphere of meat which is inside the dumpling. Tender and juicy. Pacific is a baked dumpling using an unusual filling of minced seafood served with a mayo based dipping sauce. Spicy vegan bao has a nice kick that does doesn’t overpower the mushroom heavy filling. Standard boiled pork and ginger dumplings have a soft yet thick wrapper served with a scallion soy dipping sauce. Pan fried pork dumplings are the same yet fried crispy. Overall, very expensive but worth the variety that is available.
Simon L.
Party Chen’s always hits the spot on a cool fall/winter day. They have a nice selection of assorted teas and some good apprentices to start. Looking for a place to start/ try the scallion donuts and the crab rangooon. Scallion donuts are a riff on scallion pancakes done dimpling style, creative and delicious. The dumplings come in boiled baked or pan fried so there is something for everyone. I enjoy the pan fried pork bao every time I go. They mix it up with different dumpling skins so the taste texture and look of the dumplings all varies which is pretty neat. The dumpling ramen is something that is soooooo soul satisfying I have to recommend this to all. Packed with noodles veggies and some dumplings you can’t go wrong ordering his dish. I usually go on Wednesday nights because I love the server. Although I never had he dessert before they do offer a selection of dessert style wontons which by the sounds of the banana Nutella etc sound good. I highly recommend the soup filled dumpling -Bruce lee and anything from the pan fried menu! Often times you can see Patty Chen riding her bike or the dumpling car around town which is cool.
Shani E.
Awesome! Well priced. Waiter was cool, and the dumplings were top tier. I’m no dumpling expert, but these were pretty good.
Jake Kenin
Excellent food and fast service!
Joshua Martino
My meal was exceptional. The vegan ramen is absolutely fantastic. There was one server working, and the chef was helping her bring food out. They were both very pleasant. If I lived in the area I would definitely make a point t of coming back here.
Amber J.
Good dumplings, both fried and boiled. The crab rangoon appetizer was amazing. Nice atmosphere, small and cozy
Rob L.
Awesome place. If you enjoy potsticksers try the Taipei Gotye
Zach Irvin
I love dumplings and I come here whenever I’m in the MIT area.
Carlton Soohoo