About Us

Patty Chen has been making dumplings since she was eight years old. When her family emigrated from Kaohsiung, Taiwan to the United States and opened their own restaurant, she met her future husband and business partner, Marc Shulman, at that restaurant.

Historically, Patty and Marc have started multiple successful restaurants leading up to the now famous Dumpling Room. In 1997, they opened the Taiwan Cafe. In 2001, it was the All Asia Bar. From there, the couple developed the School for Dumplings which led to the inevitable opening of Patty Chen’s Dumpling School in 2013.

Patty and Marc put a twist on traditional dumpling houses by creating vegetable infused skins, various organic fillings and they bring their own unique personalities to the process! They are always working together to develop new and delicious creations.

Join Patty & Marc at Our Dumpling Events!

Join Patty and Marc at The Dumpling School by reserving your spot at any of our dumpling parties and events! We offer private and public classes that are always educational, unique, and most important of all, fun! We offer public classes on a regular basis here at our location in Cambridge – which is located at 85 Windsor Street. We also happily travel throughout the greater Boston area to bring the art of dumpling-making to your next private event. Consider joining us at The Dumpling School for an event that is delicious and memorable! Reserve your spot at any of our public classes through our website, or if you are interested in a private dumpling class, call or contact us today to learn more information. Call us at (617) 901-5159 or email us at dumplingschool@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you – or better yet – seeing you here at any of our fun dumpling classes!

Why Dumpling Classes?

We are proud to offer our unique dumpling classes to the greater Boston area, because to us here at The Dumpling School, dumplings are more than just a food. We want to share the joy that is dumpling-making with whomever we are able to, as we truly believe that it makes for an exciting, educational, and illuminating experience for all. In each and every dumpling event, we strive to make sure that our guests are enjoying themselves, and learning a thing or two about dumplings at the same time! Our dumpling classes are truly a unique yet ideal choice if you’re looking for an experience that is memorable and educational. For years, we have hosted countless dumpling parties that have helped create many memories for our guests. We hope to see you here for any of our public classes, or to hear from you to book a private event. We look forward to making delicious dumplings with you! Reserve your spot through our website or give us a call at (617) 901-5159.