A: We are dedicated to keeping our students, employees, and the community safe during these times. We have put the following precautions in place to provide a safe environment during all of our parties. 

  • All surface areas are cleaned and sanitized before and after each interaction.
  • Masks must be worn by staff and students during the entire class (may be removed for eating).
  • Classes are limited in size.

A: In accordance with state and city rules, the maximum party size, as of February 15th, is 8 students and 2 instructors. This will be updated as the rules change. 

A: All events run between 2 to 2 and a half hours. 

  • The standard public regular course includes 2 fillings: Pork & ginger and vegan. 
  • The standard public vegetarian course includes 2 fillings: Vegan and modified vegetarian 

* There is no substitution in either of the public offered sessions. If you are interested in custom fillings, please request a private session for your group. 

A: Yes, we offer a completely vegetarian course with a vegan option. We do not currently offer gluten-free options, as the dough used contains wheat. 

A: Most of our parties end with leftover dumplings available to take home! After almost 900 events/ parties, there has only been a handful of parties where all the dumplings were eaten.

A: Chef Patty and Chef Marco are happy to bring the party to you.  The cost per student is the same, but there is a minimum class fee of $450, which is around 6 people.  A travel fee may apply if the location is more than 5 miles away.  If paid parking is required, Chef Patty asks the host to cover it. If you are interested in the traveling dumpling school, contact us today!

A: We are currently putting together a program for take-home kits and components.  We expect to make these available on May 1st, 2021.  Students will be able to purchase pre-packaged dough sm/lg, prepackaged filling sm/lg, prepackaged ginger sauce sm/med/ lg, rolling pins, and 3 types of complete kits (filling, skin, sauce, and pins)

A: Events are marketed at $109 per ticket for regular parties. There is a discount on our website of 10% if there are 2 or more people in your group. Traveling parties have a minimum fee.