Dumpling Classes Near Belmont, MA

Looking for the ultimate party experience where you not only have fun with your closest friends, family, or colleagues but you learn something as well? Dumpling parties provided by The Dumpling School are the perfect solution as we combine a traditional dumpling class with a party experience! Located in Cambridge, we are only a 15 minute drive to those looking for a dumpling class and party experience near Belmont, MA. Since 2013, we have been offering quality dumpling-making classes to residents and businesses looking for team building activities near Belmont, MA as well as around the Boston and Cambridge area. Our classes are run by Chef Patty and Chef Marco, who are trained and skilled in the art of crafting dumplings as well as other delicious Taiwanese-American dishes. At our dumpling parties, “students” will get incredible hands-on training on how to properly roll, fill, fold, shape, and cook dumplings of all styles. We make sure that everyone knows how to execute each phase of the dumpling making process.

Group Dumpling Classes near Belmont, MA

What makes our dumpling parties so great is that we want as many people to come as possible so that you can get the full dumpling party experience. Our classes are perfect settings for group outings with friends, family, and colleagues near Belmont, MA. Our dumpling party classes are the perfect solution if you are looking for a new activity that not only will bring fun and excitement to your group but a learning experience. Be sure to contact the Dumpling School for more information on our group dumpling classes. We take pride in teaching a new skill to our students so they have a new treat to bring to office parties, family outings, holiday parties, Chinese New Year celebrations and more! What makes our classes different than other cooking classes around is that we offer an experience that takes you out of normal day life as an escape where the importance is on the fun and bonding aspects, while we sprinkle in some learning. If you are in Belmont and looking for a new activity to do or want to learn how to craft dumplings, you and your friends can sign up for the following dumpling classes we offer:

Private Event Dumpling Classes near Belmont, MA

Want to learn how to make dumplings and enjoy a nice night of fun with a large group of your closest friends? The Dumpling School offers private dumpling classes for parties of 14 or more guests. We also have a form you can fill out if you are looking to rent out a day of dumpling making if you have a special birthday, engagement, or corporate celebration where you only want the people you are with to have access to the party. We are proud to cater to any event you are thinking of celebrating with us while learning to make dumplings. Be sure to fill out our form for more information on our private event dumpling classes near Belmont, MA.

Interested in dumpling classes near Belmont, MA? Reach out to The Dumpling School today and register for our amazing dumpling party classes!