Cooking classes can serve as a great bonding experience, and also serve as a break from the norm if you are looking for some new activities to try! This can not only help you become familiar with cooking styles and methods, but can help you to become more confident in the kitchen! Celebrate your next birthday and create some delicious dumplings with the Dumpling School birthday class booking options!

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Celebrate Your Birthday by Learning New Culinary Skills!

Celebrate your birthday in a unique and truly delicious way by joining us at the Dumpling School this year! Our hands-on dumpling cooking classes can provide a group of 2+ with a truly memorable birthday experience! Chef Patty & Chef Marco will conduct a 2 hour class where you will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique cultural & culinary experience. 

Celebrating your birthday in a new way is not only exciting and different, but it can also serve as a much needed break from the mundane, but also add some spice to your birthday celebrations in Boston. Taking a cooking class to celebrate a birthday can be fun as it is interactive, group oriented, and engaging! As we get older, it is far to easy to fall into a routine when it comes to birthday celebrations, and with that said, why not venture out of the comfort zone and try something new?!

Dumpling Styles, Offerings & What to Expect

If you have an allergy or food concern please contact us to see how we might be able to make it possible for everyone to enjoy a night of dumpling filled fun!
Our Dumpling Classes will teach you how to make:
  • Pork Dumplings
  • Chicken Dumplings
  • Vegan Dumplings
  • & More

Below is a brief overview of what you will learn when taking one of our dumpling classes!

  • How to roll and fold dumplings
  • How to properly stuff dumplings with different fillings
  • How to make different dumpling shapes
  • How to cook dumplings

For questions on additional availability please contact us directly to see if we can accommodate your individual needs!

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Taking cooking classes is beneficial if you have a desire to improve your cooking skills and know your way around your kitchen (of any culture). It will help you to learn how to make unique and special dishes, be it your family’s dumpling dish or a dish that you simply want to try. Don’t hesitate and follow us on social for cooking tips and be sure to contact The Dumpling School for more information on classes and events!